Tradie Toolkit - real skills for real careers

Tradie Toolkit - real skills for real careers

real skills for real careers features people sharing their personal VET success stories in videos, podcasts, brochures, posters and across social media.

The VET Information Strategy aims to improve the status and appeal of VET, encouraging participation in high quality training and education that meets the needs of industry and gives all Australians the best opportunity to succeed in their chosen occupation. 

This new tool kit is designed to complement the marketing and communications strategies already in place by the stakeholders of VET.

 The tools in the kit aim to:

  • re-engage target audiences through a content marketing strategy
  • deliver the content via digital channels and directly to the audience
  • complement and enhance existing sector communications strategies
  • set a tone of ambition and success
  • tell the story of the great outcomes of VET, revealing the unexpected and surprising
  • use a language and tone which elevates VET to a higher position in the minds of potential students

Through a set of key messages and a unifying tagline we can help Australians realise that VET is uniquely positioned to deliver real skills for real careers.

Resources (like the below) are available at


VET can lead to fantastic employment opportunities for its graduates – watch the following stories and see for yourself.

Be inspired to enrol in a qualification  and get the skills you need to start your career.

Philadelphia’s Story - Video Thumbnail

Philadelphia’s Story

VET gives people the opportunity to start or further their careers from any point, even if they haven’t finished school.”

VET Qualification: Certificate IV in Frontline Management

Career: Frontline Manager

Philadelphia wanted to progress in her career, so she decided to complete a qualification in frontline management. She enrolled in the VET qualification to show her manager that she was serious about her career in management, and she is now undertaking a degree through the Northern Territory Public Sector Indigenous Cadetship Support Program.

Brendan’s Story - Video Thumbnail

Brendan’s Story

The VET training sector is always a great stepping stone into further training.”

VET Qualification: Certificate IV in Youth Work

Career: Youth Worker

Brendan was working in youth services and wanted to further his knowledge of the sector, so he undertook a VET qualification in youth work at age 46. The qualification provided him with a professional grounding in youth work, and he hopes to continue his learning journey by completing a Bachelor of Social Work in the future.

Sharine's Story - Video Thumbnail

Sharine's Story

"If you've got a passion stick with it. You'll always get what you want so long as you actually say ‘I can and I will do it. Don't ever let somebody tell you that just because you have a specific gender you can't do something. You can always prove them wrong!” 

VET Qualification: Diploma of Management

Career: Business Owner

Sharine Milne spent 10 years in a different industry before completing an Australian Apprenticeship to become a motorcycle mechanic. Now, after completing a Diploma of Business, she owns the company where she trained.

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