Want a job in Hospitality – the jobactive facts

Want a job in Hospitality – the jobactive facts

The Accommodation & Food Services Industry offers good opportunities for entry into the labour market. 

Young workers (15 to 24 years) comprise 45% of employment in the sector which makes it an attractive option for youth who want to combine work and study and gain important workplace skills. 

Post-school qualifications are not usually required, although 25% of workers have a certificate III or higher vocational qualification. 

The industry also provides training opportunities, with 28,000 apprentices and trainees employed in 2016. 

60% of people are employed part-time, the highest proportion of any industry.  

Need Staff 

Competition for vacancies can be strong and employers usually seek workers who have relevant prior experience. 

Around 54% of workers in this industry are female with 21% aged over 45 years.

Food and Beverage Services subsector contributed more than 80% of the new jobs over in 5 years to November 2016.  

29% of workers are Community and Personal Services Workers (Waiters, Bar Attendants & baristas) while 22% are Labourers (Kitchenhands, fast food cooks and housekeepers). 

The sector employs 851,800 or 7% of the Australian workforce or 842,100 people. 

Top 5 Occupations 

  • Waiters 117,300
  • Kitchenhands 93,700
  • Bar Attendants and Baristas 84,700
  • General Sales Assistants 82,900
  • Chefs 77,900 

* Statistics - Australian Jobs 2017, Page 14

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