Young People’s 10 Employment Advantages

Young People’s 10 Employment Advantages


  • Understand new technology.

  • A ‘can do’ attitude!

  • Prepared to travel

Register for a youth wage subsidy

  • Flexible.

  • Looking for fresh challenges.

  • High energy level.

  • Fewer commitments outside work.

  • Still in ‘learning mode’ – good approach to a new job!

  • Invest time and energy into building a career path.

  • Brilliant and natural multi-taskers.

Local employers willing to give a under 30 jobseekers a go may be eligible for a $6,500 jobactive wage subsidies. 

These jobactive wage subsidies skills and help them develop into a valued employees

They are a recognition of the cost of employing, supporting and training new staff.

Employers can also access pro-rata payments for part-time work, between 15-29 hours per week.


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