Youth communication skills are vital but lacking - 2UE Radio Interview

Youth ommunication skills are vital but lacking - 2UE Radio Interview

2UE radio interview with Dianne Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer, Sarina Russo Job Access, to discuss teenagers' preparedness for applying for jobs and communicating with adults. 

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Luke Bona says the advice offered in the Daily Telegraph's 5000 Jobs in 50 Days campaign includes the claim that communication skills are vital but lacking these days.

Bona claims the teenagers he encounters lack vocabulary and are used to abbreviating everything. Fletcher agrees, but says this is not always limited to teenagers, and claims that the first impressions made to employers, parents, or work colleagues matter and are lasting, and that how people converse is important in the workplace and in general life.

Fletcher predicts that few teenagers could hand write a job application. Fletcher claims that teenagers in a school setting have very structured and limited conversations with teachers and other school service providers.

Bona notes there was no internet or social media when he was a teenager, and says he had to call girls he wanted to talk to. Fletcher claims that phones, e-mail, and online modes of communication are difficult because they lack verbal cues, expressions, and body language. Fletcher says she thinks job interview preparation or the art of conversation should be taught in school.

Bona questions whether nouns, pronouns, adjectives, or verbs are taught in school, and whether teaching kids to apply for job interviews has been 'fobbed off' to the Education Department and teachers. Bona says the government will crack down on 'dodgy fly-by-night' universities that charge a fortune, which the taxpayer eventually pays for, and whose students drop out or get degrees that do not lead to jobs.

Fletcher notes Sarina Russo Job Access finds employers their employees and helps jobseekers receiving welfare get into and stay in jobs.

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