Getting jobactive when you're over qualified

Being overqualified for a job should be a competitive advantage...

However it can also be a liability!

Employers’ biggest concern in hiring overqualified people is the perception they will ‘jump ship’ as soon as a better job opportunity presents itself.

Employers also tend to overlook overqualified job seekers who make it clear they are after quick promotion or who seem desperate just for a pay cheque.

Employers are less likely to dismiss your application if you can follow five practical tips on ‘How to Get that Job - when you’re overqualified.

1. Value-add cover letter

Do some basic company research and write a compelling cover letter. Explain succinctly how your experience, skills and qualities will add value to the position and the company.

2. Use your CV to tell your story

A comprehensive resume highlighting your talents will reinforce your value-add cover letter. Don’t ever downplay your experience or omit skills or qualifications.

3. Present yourself as a value for

money employee Market yourself as a good value if you’re taking a lower-level job with a lower salary. Make it clear to the employer that they will get more knowledge and experience for their money if they hire you over a lesser qualified applicant.

4. Anticipate career goals questions

In your interview, explain how the position aligns with your longer-term career goals. Outline reasons why you want the job, i.e. after years in a leadership position you missed working operationally within the team, you consider the new position as a career change, or you’re seeking a more sustainable worklife balance.

5. You’re not a toe-treader

An interviewer may see you as a potential threat to their position. You need to assure an interviewer that you understand the bounds and scope of the job description and would only share your experience and advice if specifically asked. Companies with good performance and strong leadership embrace good talent!!

If an overqualified jobseeker does “get that job”, the onus is on them to deliver on their ability to become a valuable and productive employee.


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