How to get jobactive online

Done right, an online presence is an important tool for networking and useful tool for employers to understand your talents and experience.

Done wrong, it can rule you out of a job!

1. Stop - think before you post

If you use social media forums assume a future boss will read everything you share online.

Online concerns about inappropriate comments, unsuitable photos and videos have resulted in many a candidate missing out on that job.

2. Develop a personal brand statement

Outline who you are and what you do so prospective employers get a feel for how you can benefit their company.

This personal brand statement should be your sales document and should beembedded with key words linked to the position you want.

3. Limit yourself to a few socialnetworking sites

Maintain the personal touch not a machine-gun approach.

A few well done online profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is far more effective than blanketing social media networks with half-done profiles and out-of-date profiles.

A recruiter may contact one of your connections and ask about you so make sure they are people you know and trust. When networking with someone online spend an extra five to ten seconds to write a line or two about how you know ‘mutual friends’, why you’d like to connect to them and that you’re more than happy to introduce them to others in your network.

5. In-person networking beats

online applications Jobseekers only applying for jobs online instead of combining in-person networking will miss out on ‘hidden’ opportunities.

Most high-level jobs are not posted online and in-person networking is needed to uncover these higher-level positions.


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