How to get your jobactive resume right

A good resume highlights your skills, achievements and education, however, too many people fall into the trap of:

  • Applying for every job on offer without researching what the employer wants
  • Not explaining how their career goals align with the job
  • Not highlighting the skills learnt through volunteer work, part-time jobs or school awards

To land your first job:

Tailor your resume for the job you want, not just “any job”

The ideal resume perfectly tailors your achievements, motives, hobbies and interests to fit in with the role of the job.

Read the job ad carefully and do some industry homework

‘Google’, read books and talk to people working in the industry. This will give you insight into what the employer wants and will help your cover letter and resume explain how your skills meet their needs.

Embrace your life experiences and education

Give examples of how your communication skills, work ethic, ability to work as part of a team and your initiative have been enhanced by your volunteer work, part-time jobs or school awards. Door knocking for the Red Cross or selling raffle tickets at the school fete highlights sales skills and a get-up-and-go attitude.

Forget about resumes printed on ‘rice-paper’ with fancy fonts

The ability to demonstrate your skills and achievements will grab the employer’s attention more than a pretty and colourful design. Keeping it simple is also more cost effective.

It’s so important your first resume clearly explains - WHAT, WHERE and HOW you can help the company and the best way for a prospective employer to contact you to organise an interview.


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