jobactive work plan

You'll receive:

  • One-on-one consultant support
  • Personal development, including motivation, CV building, interview skills and personal presentation tips
  • Skills identification
  • Life skills training and career counselling
  • Access to specialist support from psychologists and allied health professionals
  • Specialised disability employment programs and services
  • Training and access to short or certificate courses
  • Access to our office’s facilities, including wifi, modern computers, telephones, printing and photocopying facilities, as well as job vacancy listings.

Get that Job

Sarina Russo Job Access will assist you with:

  • Work experience opportunities
  • Marketing your skills to local employers
  • Links to local job vacancies
  • Offering training support grants to employers
  • Work re-entry expenses, for example boots clothes, and fares to attend job interviews and work
  • Job placement

Keep that Job

To ensure you stay in your new job:

  • Stay in touch with regular phone calls
  • Visit your workplace
  • Meet with you and your employer to ensure you overcome on-the-job challenges

Grow in that Job

  • Offer an extensive package of workplace training courses to assist your career development

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Service delivery plan