Harvest labour services

Join the thousands of people who find work helping to bring in the fruit and vegetable harvests

It's a great way for people to travel around Australia while working and earning money

Call Sarina Russo Job Access Harvest Office in Gayndah 07 4160 3700 for more information

A girl is picking up lemons

The Sarina Russo Harvest Services office in Gayndah is the link between local fruit growers and workers keen for temporary jobs.

Gayndah – Situated 366km North West of Brisbane located on the Burnett River and is known as the Citrus Capital of Queensland and is the Oldest Town in Queensland.

Mundubbera – Situated 390km North West of Brisbane and also located on the banks of the Burnett River.  Not only does Mundubbera have Citrus it also has some Stone Fruit and Melons and just recently BlueBerries.

Pay Rates and Work conditions

Most pickers are paid on a “piece rate”. First time pickers may find it difficult, however picking is like any physical skill – you get faster the more you do! For fruit packing and shed hand work, payment is usually by wages. The majority of growers pay fortnightly.

Accommodation, Transport and Climate

Accommodation is limited, so camping equipment is an advantage. There are a number of hotels and motels located in town; however these will most likely be fully booked during the height of the season. The local caravan parks have excellent facilities including camping grounds – but you’ll need to book well in advance. Some farms have camping areas on site, so it may be appropriate that workers bring their own camping equipment.

Harvest workers must have their own transport as there is no public transport other than taxis.

The weather during the harvest season (April - September) can vary and wet weather gear and warm bedding are needed in the colder parts of the season.

Crop Calendar

  • March to September - Citrus (oranges, mandarins, lemons and grape fruit)
  • November to March - Citrus pruning and thinning
  • November to January - Small Crops
  • April to September - Blueberries

Want to learn more?

Call our Harvest Hotline on 1300 792 622 to obtain further information on crops, conditions, towns, and jobs,


download the Harvest your employment opportunities brochure to get some helpful tips and working visas information.