60 is the new 40!

You have the experience, knowledge, and skills to excel in your job.

We help employers understand the advantages you can bring to their workplace.

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Mature age employee

Market your potential to employers:

  • Provide a detailed assessment of your transferable skills, experience and abilities 
  • Assist you refresh skills or gain new skills to meet employer needs
  • Assist you prepare a current resume and fine tune your personal presentation and interview skills
  • Help you to understand changes in the workplace including new technology and working with younger colleagues and supervisors
  • Work with you to identify job opportunities where your skills and abilities can be adapted to a new work environment
  • Approach employers on your behalf and assist with referral to suitable jobs
  • Keep in contact with you after you start work to assist you address any job related issues
  • Provide specialist support including psychologists and occupational therapists

If you think your age and experience is an advantage it will be!

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