Maximise your parenting skills

When you manage a home with children you:

  • Deal with people;
  • Organise your time;
  • Negotiate; and
  • Stay calm in stressful situations.

What wonderful and transferable workplace skills!!!

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Happy lady with the kids

Your skills and experience in managing a home with children are so valuable in today’s workforce.

Sarina Russo Job Access’ will help you:

  • Prepare for your return to work, update your skills and find a suitable job
  • Provide you with a personal consultant who understands the needs of parents returning to work
  • Assess your skills, experience and needs to develop a realistic plan to get that job
  • Assist you update your resume and with interview and presentation skills
  • Support you to build your confidence and job readiness
  • Provide advice on job and career opportunities
  • Provide access to skills refresher or development courses relevant to job opportunities
  • Identify job opportunities with family friendly employers and approach employers on your behalf
  • Keep in contact with you start work to assist you address any job related issues
  • Assist you to identify local child care options
  • Offer specialist support from counselors and psychologists to assist you deal with complex issues

Sarina Russo’s jobactive focus is for you to get that job and keep that job!

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