Accessing jobactive provider support

jobactive is the Australian Government’s new employment services, designed to better meet the needs of job seekers and employers and improve job outcomes.

Getting jobactive support

Registration tips for jobactive support

To access jobactive support you must register with Centrelink, even if you may not be eligible for immediate payments. At this time you can register with Sarina Russo Job Access.

1. Contact Centrelink on 13 28 50 to check your eligibility for jobactive support

2. Make an appointment at Centrelink to discuss your employment circumstances.  You will need to take 100 points of ID and documents about your employment status, i.e. a redundancy letter.

You may be eligible for financial support - Newstart Allowance or Youth Allowance - if you are actively looking for work.

You may not be eligible for immediate financial assistance if:

• you’ve been in Australia for less than two years

• you have liquid assets above the current thresholds

• you’ve received a lump sum payment as part of leaving your employment, i.e. a redundancy payment

• your previous job was a seasonal, contract or temporary role

Centrelink’s online Payment Finder can give you an indication of what payments you might be eligible for, but you will need to talk to a Centrelink customer officer to confirm. There are also special Centrelink payments available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

3. Find out if you’re eligible for jobactive provider support

Centrelink will tell you if you qualify for jobactive support.  If you do qualify ask them to make an appointment for you with your nearest Sarina Russo Job Access office.

Google the ‘Connections for quality’ to find out more about Sarina Russo Job Access’ services, clients (job seekers and employers) and past performance. Rather than jobactive, job seekers with a disability may be eligible for services provided through Disability Employment Services.

4. Job seeker Stream Assessment

A Centrelink customer officer will place you in a services stream (a, b, c), based on your support needs, which will determine the level of services you can access through Sarina Russo Job Access.

5. Attend an initial interview at Sarina Russo Job Access

Please bring ID, documents showing your employment status (i.e. a redundancy letter, your Centrelink Customer Reference Number and a copy of your CV, if you have one.

At your first Sarina Russo Job Access interview, you will:

•understand more about stream services, including access to job search facilities, work experience opportunities, training and non-employment support specific to your circumstances;

•undertake a skills assessment;

•access help with your resume;

•agree on a tailored Employment Plan; and

•find out about local employment opportunities appropriate to you.

6. Attend ongoing appointments and fulfil participation requirements to receive Centrelink financial assistance and Sarina Russo Job Access support

To receive financial support payments, you need to show you are actively looking for a job and/or taking part in activities to increase your chances of finding work. Your activity requirements are set out in your individual Employment Plan.