Discovery Program

An in-depth, online career profiling and job search coaching program that helps you to find the ideal career path, and to pursue it.  Includes validated and benchmarked psychometric testing and guided research which ensures a best fit vocational pathway.  The Program includes support and resources to obtain suitable employment and sustain this through solid workplace practices. Discovery is available free to eligible potential apprentices connected to Sarina Russo Apprenticeship Services

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Module One: Compass

Will motivate you to approach the job search journey with focus and a positive mental approach; this module is designed to centre and prepare jobseekers for the journey by pointing them in the right direction.

Module Two:  Road Map

Will target you to specific employment options by assessing interests, values and skills and guiding them to research options and create career goals.  This module includes the GuideU assessment if they haven’t already completed.  But it goes a step further to facilitate and support the exploration of pathways and to assist the jobseeker to create career goals to move them forward.

Module Three:  Vehicle

Will train the you to undertake strategic jobsearch so that you can move into work with speed and precision.  It promotes key strategies like targeted networking and using social media, training the jobseeker to undertake effective self marketing to find employment.

Module Four:  Luggage

Will resource you with all the tools you need to market yourself to employers.  Targeted resumes, cover letters, interview skills and social media are explored.

Module Five:  Arrival

Will support you to enjoy your new employment destination by assisting you to understand how to settle into and navigate the workplace environment.   Includes training in preparing well to begin work, and training in key employability skills such as communication and teamwork.

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