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Learn more about the value and talent people with disabilities can add to your business.

Access the resources you need to recruit and retain skilled employees.


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The business case for employing people with disability is clear:

  • The ability to tap into a larger talent pool;
  • Less absenteeism and longer tenure;
  • Enhanced profile and marketing to a more diverse customer pool; and
  • Diverse work teams leading to enhanced creativity and innovation.

Take the opportunity to know first-hand how people with disability can add value to your business .

Sarina Russo Job Access is a credible and reliable source to identify, access and recruit people with disability.

Our Disability and Employment Services team will :

  • Screen and shortlist candidates
  • Train the successful applicant to meet your skills needs
  • Assess eligibility for wage incentives, workplace support and training
  • Undertake worksite assessments
  • Supply workplace modifications
  • Offer post placement and ongoing support

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