Carol awakens Kylie after 3 years of darkness

Carol awakens Kylie after 3 years of darkness

Kylie's fantastic feedback for Strathpine's Employment Consultant Carol Allen.

Hi Carol - Wow! I'm still so excited to be going back to work, full-time . . . I honestly couldn't have done it without you as my consultant. 

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You've always been so supportive of me, and even in some of my lowest moments, you've helped me to stay on track and have faith in me with your constant positive mindset . . . The advice you've given me has inspired me to keep on plugging away with trying to get a handle on my health as well as my working life, and you've made available to me every possible resource you've had access to. 

So I just really wanted to thank you. I feel like I've woken up after a three year sleep and I'm about to begin the next chapter. It's funny to think that simply getting a job I wanted has managed to boost me in so many other ways too . . . I'm fairly sure it's going to be great, but it's nice to know I can still come to you guys if I need any support while I make that initial transition back into the work force – Kylie

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