10 steps to remaining positive during a job loss

Losing your job can be a devastating personal experience.

But it is how you react that will make all the difference!

1. Assess the situation

Never take it personally. Never think why me? Never accept someone else’s negative opinion of you, because it will drain you of your strength. It will fill your mind with self-doubt. It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it that counts.

2. Look for the silver lining

In times of adversity you’ll always find a silver lining if you look hard enough, with a can-do attitude. It’s how you embrace rejection and uncertainty that will determine your future success.

3. Use empowering words in your self-talk

There is scientific evidence that 80 per cent of our day is self-talk. We can choose to negatively talk or positively praise ourselves. It stands to reason that if most of our self-talk is positive, we will act in a positive, ‘it can be done’, manner.

4. Personal strengths

List your past accomplishments and achievements. You can use these strengths in your positive self-talk and during job interviews.

5. Ask for help

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Seek support from family, friends and co-workers. There will always be someone there to lend a hand. Always associate with positive people as negative people will suck you into their world of darkness and doubt.

6. Disciplined job search

Be disciplined and spend eight hours a day on your job search. The pain of discipline weighs ounces - the pain of rejection weighs tonnes. A regular job search schedule will give you a sense of accomplishment.

7. Never stop learning

Take the opportunity to update your skills because education is the key to your future.

8. Build relationships

Keep in touch with your contacts, attend professional events, attend conferences or volunteer. Networking can open up a ‘hidden job market’.

9. Safeguard your health and fitness

Maintain a healthy diet and release your stress through exercise. If you’ve got a fit body you’ll have a fit mind.

10. Be good to yourself

Reward yourself with special things to keep you motivated, ie listen to music, catch-up with friends, prepare a nice dinner.


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