Dean’s the ‘Protector’ of his career

Dean’s the ‘Protector’ of his career
Logistics Manager Paul (right), Dean (Centre) and work colleague Leiland (Left) who completed his apprenticeship through Sarina Russo

After successful careers in retail and hospitality, Dean Sherman was looking for a change when he moved to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to his family. 

Dean wanted to steer his career in a new direction towards the transport and logistics industry.

Need Great Staff

However, he found it extremely difficult to find full-time truck driving work. Work as a furniture removalist, kitchen cabinet delivery driver and even as a powder coater was sporadic.  Dean’s greatest frustration was the lack of career security.  He was offered a lot of cash-in-hand work which was severely underpaid. 

That’s until he met Carol Reid at Sarina Russo Job Access Caloundra who matched his skills and experiences with suitable job opportunities.  Carol and his consultant Melissa Houston, knew he had overcome some traumatic and horrible life events and arranged for him to attend sessions with the Caloundra office VOICE Psychologist.  

Dean said the sessions had a positive effect on his attitude to work and life and gave him the confidence to ‘ace’ his interview with Protector Aluminium.  

Dean’s job as a factory hand/driver with Protector Aluminium now pays him well, provides safe working conditions and is close to home. 

“I have the respect of all my peers who make me feel like I truly belong.  I feel confident every day to go to work.  I have great job satisfaction which is something not many people have in life.  This is worth more than any amount of money”, Dean said. 

Dean’s advice to people wanting to change careers or just to get back into the workforce is “Don’t be afraid to open up, tell the truth to people who can help you achieve your goals. Then it’s important listen to people, like Carol and Melissa from Sarina Russo Job Access, to help you make things happen.

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