Employers get in fast at Wide Bay - 4 minute Speed Interviewing Evenings

Employers get in fast at Wide Bay - 4 minute Speed Interviewing Evenings

Nikki Norris and her fantastic Wide Bay team conducted the region’s first ever speed interviewing evening this week in Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg. 

Nikki shared that everyone started off feeling a little nervous, however soon the laughter and energy took over and it was difficult to move people onto their next interview. Luckily for Nikki, Kerri from the Golf Club had a whistle you could hear under cement and she wasn’t afraid to use it (See Photos)

In Hervey Bay clients turned up immaculately dressed ready to sell their skills to employers. 

  • Kawungan Bakery wants to hire Anna.
  • IPA Personnel requested CVs for Kristen, James, Kathy, Casey and Ingrid.
  • Earl’s Paint Place took Kathy’s resume. 
  • Hervey Bay Golf Club expressed interest in Ingrid. 
  • Capsicum Computers sought out Miz, Kathy and Kristen. 
  • Tiger Touch Ups & Rent were interested in James and Casey for admin/accounts role. 
  • CUA is interviewing James. 

Gill Rimmer from Back to Work spoke with employers and helped them navigate back to work grants, with Donna Norman from Axiom was on hand to help any clients who wanted to look at a short course for skilling increases. 

In Maryborough, G & D Ross Buses lodged 3 vacancies and Fraser Coast Family Networks will chat further with Desilee.

Bundaberg event was a massive success and the jobs offers have rolled in:

  • Oodies Café has 2 positions for kitchen all-rounders 
  • Gidarjil Sea Rangers will recruit a trainee
  • Sparten Sheds filling their admin role,
  • Galaxy Real Estate will start a the interview process
  • Chemist Warehouse is interested in a couple of clients for possible upcoming positions for Christmas. 

Employer feedback:

Yale – Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce noted “this was an exciting and very innovative event, one which we would happily promote in chamber as a fast, efficient and fun way to meet exemplary candidates!”

Adrian – Bundaberg Motor Group “I was once a client of Sarina Russo, to sit on the other side of the table and see the excitement, enthusiasm and motivation of the job seekers was awesome, great event!’

Suzie - Oodies Café “I loved that the clients weren’t using a resume! It took away the temptation of looking at paper and forced both employer and jobseeker to interact on a very organic level, I loved it”.

Matthew – Gidarjil “I think this was the most amazing experience for your clients, they all did an amazing job and I think this is a great way for us to see what you guys are doing, and it was impressive to see all the employers in the community who came to support the clients – I think it is great’

Craig – Olgis – “I loved meeting your clients, they are all great people and I will definitely be thinking of my options”. 

Our candidates DID US PROUD. They were ALL extremely well presented, well spoken, keen and motivated for their interviews and absolutely shone! Our local employers were so impressed and there is now fierce competition amongst them to hire our wonderful job-ready candidates.

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