Revamped goods revamping Rhonda’s career

Revamped goods revamping Rhonda’s career

Sunshine candidate Rhonda believes her ability to communicate and get back into a routine would not have happened if it wasn't for her Work for the Dole activity with the Victoria Volunteer Association in Maidstone, Victoria. 

The Victoria Volunteer Association specialises in revamping second hand items such as toys, bicycles and clothing and then donating them to crisis shelters, the Royal Children’s Hospital as well as other community based organisations.

Need job ready staff

Just look at all the Certificates of Appreciation the community has presented to the Association on the back wall in the photo of Rhonda and her supervisor Aisha. 

Rhonda said her Work for the Dole activity has given her confidence to get back in the workforce. The Victorian Volunteer Association has given her such a sense of belonging that even though her Work for the Dole requirements have ended she will continue to volunteer her services until she gets a job. 

“I love what they do and I love that it brings so much joy to so many people,” Rhonda said. 

Victoria Volunteer Association CEO, Khalid said he is so very proud of the contribution candidates like Rhonda have brought to the Association. “I’ve seen firsthand what a positive impact they’ve made in the community and this is a major reason we will continue to run activities like Work for the Dole”.

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