How to impress your boss

How to impress your boss

IF you’ve just landed a job how do you impress the boss?

Sarina Russo has ten ‘How to impress your Boss’ tips:

1. Attitude gives you altitude. Enthusiasm is infectious. A positive attitude will be noticed.

2. Get to work on time and when possible stay until everyone leaves.

3. Learn, Learn, Learn.  At every opportunity sharpen your skills.

4. Alwaysdress and interact with colleagues in a professional manner.

5. Demonstrate a strong work ethic and the capacity “do more”.

6. Determine what your boss wants and exceed their expectations.

7. Have the courage to take responsibility for your mistakes. It’s not a mistake if you learn from it.

8. Pay your dues by happily doing “grunt” work, when asked.

9. Become a team player. You’ll earn the respect of other staff and your supervisors.

10. Search for a mentor. Having someone to support you is a great asset.

The more you impress the boss, the more responsibility you’ll get and the more likely you are to get promoted.

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