Sarina Russo's five tips on starting your own successful company

Sarina Russo: How to become a millionaire

How to become a millionaire: Woman fired from eight jobs over her 'attitude' now runs multi-million dollar recruitment business - as offers up her five tips on how you can turn your career around.

  • During her early years Sarina Russo was constantly fired from jobs  
  • Let go from a job she enjoyed Ms Russo started a business with $2500
  • Influenced by fear, she expanded the business to what it is today 
  • Running a multi-million dollar company she helps recruit job seekers 

It all started because Sarina Russo couldn't hold down a job.

For almost a decade the Australian entrepreneur was so frequently fired that she found herself organising job interviews shortly after she was offered positions - as she was constantly anticipating the moment her bosses would tell her never to come back.

Now, she is listed as Australia's 13th richest self-made woman in Australia by Business Review Weekly with an estimated net worth of $103 million.

A proud owner of a recruitment business, now in its 36th year, she has helped place over 65,000 people in jobs. 

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