Three great staff and counting . . .

Three great staff and counting . . .
From Left - Sharon Hutchinson (Sarina Russo), Sienna Watson, Rachael Jenkins, Chloe Jaenke, and Kade Eames (Mc Duff and Daniel Solicitor/ Director)

The Sarina Russo Group has almost 40 years’ experience helping employers and job seekers find the right fit, including 17 years in Hervey Bay. 

Sarina Russo Job Access Hervey Bay manager Peter Meier said they had a wealth of experience in employment services due to the longevity in the industry.  “Background in training helps with identifying what employers want and what job seekers need,” Mr Meier said. 

He added they had formed a good relationship with McDuff and Daniel Lawyers.  “They have employed three of our jobseekers over the past six months.  We had Racheal Jenkins employed within one week after she transferred from another provider, where she had been on their register for 100 weeks.”

McDuff and Daniel Lawyers solicitor Kade Eames said having approached all local employment agencies for their assistance with the recruitment process, their firm discovered not all employment agencies were the same. 

“Given my extremely busy workload I have to be efficient with the amount of time I spend on the recruitment process,” Mr Eames said. 

“Sarina Russo have become our first port of call in this process as they have proven to be efficient in their communications with our office and effective in organising suitable candidates for the positions that we have had available.” 

Mr Meier said there was a huge demand for young jobseekers with employers taking up the Government Youth Boost Grants. 

“Government Youth Boost is a regional government incentive to hire youth under 25, who have been unemployed for more than four weeks,” he said. 

“Incentive is for up to $20,000 over 12 months for full time permanent employment. 

“Employers apply to State Government for incentive, but Sarina Russ Job Access can assist with the application.” 

Mr Eames said from the point of view of an employer in private enterprise, the Youth Boost grants were possibly one of the government’s best initiatives in recent times. 

“It assists young people to move into employment so they can gain valuable skills and experience and prevent them from requiring the assistance of government benefits again.,” he said. 

“It also assists employers in private enterprise with the affordability of training young people to become valuable employees so that the best possible service can be provided to our clients and the local community.” 

Mr Eames said their firm had employed three staff members through Sarina Russo, including Ms Jenkins, Sienna Watson and Chloe Jaenke. 

“Sienna was employed initially as our junior receptionist and administration assistant,” Mr Eames said. 

“She has proven to be a reliable and dedicated employee and has performed well in that role. 

“Sienna has gained valuable experience and skills in this role which now allows us to advance her training. 

“Sienna is now being trained to assist with our ever-expanding conveyancing practice.” 

Mr Eames said Ms Jaenke had taken over the role of junior receptionist and administration assistant and Ms Jenkins was employed as an administration assistant. 

“Chloe is a very bright young lady who has a good rapport with our client's and shows an eagerness to do well in this role,” he said. 

“Due to the growth the firm has experienced in the last 18 months we require additional support staff for our solicitors and the day to day workings of the firm.”


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