28 job seekers get ‘Freedom’ building wheelchairs

28 job seekers get ‘Freedom’ building wheelchairs

Michael Buckland-Ware is an amputee.  During his rehabilitation he decided to manufacture wheelchairs to provide ‘freedom’ of movement for all amputees - Freedom Wheelchairs was born. 

The former policeman’s Broadmeadow business now manufactures a range of speciality wheelchairs including a model which can go up and down stairs.  What makes this business all the more special is Michael’s philosophy of giving everybody a ‘fair go’ – his Sales and Marketing rep is a double amputee. 

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Sarina Russo Job Access’ Broadmeadows office referred 32 long-term unemployed jobseekers, Syrian refugees and people with a disability for assembly, forklift and catering positions.  Twenty eight of them were successful in getting a job. 

Freedom Wheelchairs also has its own kitchen where Michael provides free breakfast and lunch for his team.  He has also implemented a buddy system where he teams up refugees who don’t speak English very well with an Arabic speaker who has got a good command of the English language. 

Mary Bazos and Ali Abir from Sarina Russo Job Access Broadmeadows were invited to attend a ‘Factory Tour’ of Freedom Wheelchairs where Michael sang their praises and gave his suppliers the tip to hire their next staff member through Sarina Russo.

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