Teamwork ‘sparks’ success for Lucas

Teamwork ‘sparks’ success for Lucas
Left to right are Lucas (Job seeker), Greg Atzori (DES consultant), Glenn Morris (business owner) and Sharon Hutchinson (JPO).

Lucas wanted to ‘quit on himself’ before he came to Sarina Russo Job Access. 

He was down and not overly motivated to work until he met VOICE psychologists May Chi and later Leanda Carruthers. 

Need Staff

The first step was to help Lucas improve his current circumstances and work through various issues which were holding him back. 

Over the last six months, Lucas has turned his life around and two weeks ago Lucas emailed Leanda saying he was ready to look for work.   

Leanda met with Hervey Bay’s Job Placement Officer Mel Atzori who knew the perfect employer to market Lucas’ skills, Electrical Wholesale Supplier – Electrical Search. 

When it was time to prepare for the interview DES Consultant Greg Atzori, Leanda and Mel supported and prepped him on what he needed to do to ace to interview – Lucas got the job!!! 

The employer, Glen Morris is so happy with Lucas’ performance he turned the position in to a full time job. 

What a great team effort from start to finish.

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