Work for the Dole doing the job

Congratulations to our candidate and employers who are achieving extraordinary results and providing such positive feedback about the benefits of the Work for the Dole scheme. Please watch the how Vinnie’s retail outlet is helping candidates become job ready. 

Need job ready staff


  • At present we have 7 staff members that have started out as Work for the Dole and we have had so many more come through that we haven’t been able to employ they have all worked out great and have helped us continue doing what we do which is to provide counselling to the public - Andrea Colin, Distribution Manager. Lifeline


  • We have employed Madelaine Wallace on a six month 20 hour fixed term  contract to get our archiving finished before we relocate. We have found Maddie to be helpful, committed, reliable and able- in fact we have suggested to her that she may have found her true vocation! We are very happy with her - Mark Jackson, Executive Manager, United Grand Lodge of Queensland



  • I commenced Work for the Dole at Suited to Success in May 2016. Originally expecting it to be administration-based, upon starting I was told they wouldn't have much admin work for me to do, so I commenced in the Retail and Sorting areas.  I hadn't worked in Retail for nearly twenty years but I made sure to ask a lot of questions and always put my hand up to learn new tasks. Very early on, I found Suited to Success matched my values and I was impressed by the vision and mission of the organisation. I was amazed by the positive nature of the working environment and felt good about the impact my contribution was having. I was soon training new volunteers and was eventually made the Day Manager of the Retail and Sorting Teams. This new responsibility really improved my confidence, which had been lacking, and I was able to add a lot of new content and skills to my resume. Once my period of Work for the Dole came to an end, I made the decision to continue volunteering in my role as Day Manager with a new focus on gaining paid employment with Suited to Success. Shortly after this, the paid part-time position of Client & Service Manager became available and I applied immediately. I officially commenced the new role on 23rd December 2016 and I couldn't be happier to work in such a warm and supportive team environment - Rhett Gannon, Client & Service Manager, Suited to Success Inc.
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