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Sarina and Maria
21st Dec 2014 by Sarina Russo

It’s been an exciting and successful 2014! The Group turned 35 years!

Mum is 101 years, 1 month 20 days & still going strong at our home!

Sarina presents Mont Blanc for 5 years service
21st Dec 2014 by Anthony Marx - The Courier Mail

Former Treasurer Wayne Swan joined about 400 staff and employers for Sarina Russo's annual Christmas Awards.

The Brisbane Jobs Queen presided over the breakfast function at the Hilton Hotel with her usual self-depricating humour and dance moves.

Resume and Job Application.
20th Dec 2014 by Brenden Brien

If you’ve read the Recruitment Warning for Australia’s IT industry, you’ll be keen to learn how to protect your business from employment scams, like, by learning how to identify fake ref

21st Nov 2014 by Brenden Brien

As a 55-year-old woman, Jennifer King worried her age was a barrier to employment but thanks to the support of job access agency Sarina Russo; Jennifer secured a receptionist position with switchboard manufacturers SINE.

That was ten years ago.

ADF Academy sign
21st Nov 2014 by Brenden Brien

An indigenous influencer Tour organised by the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and job seeker agency Sarina Russo is opening up new opportunities for indigenous youth.

Ella is a case in point.