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Self-Employment Workshops

Have you wondered how to be your own boss? These government-funded workshops are for you! Get the knowledge and support you need to start your journey of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment.

Ready to be your own boss?  Let’s make it happen!

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Are the Self-Employment Workshops right for me?


The Self-Employment Workshops are designed to give you a taste of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

If you have a business idea, or dream of being your own boss but aren’t quite ready to apply for Self-Employment Assistance, these workshops provide the support you need to progress to the next stage. They are 100% funded by the Australian Federal Government Department of Employment for eligible participants.

Developing your entrepreneurial mindset


Being self-employed involves a lot of different avenues and responsibilities, some of which you might be unsure of, or not even considered. These workshops are loaded with practical information to give you an excellent opportunity to understand the day-to-day realities of running your own business. It’s also the ideal environment to discuss your ideas with others to gain valuable feedback and insight.  

The Self-Employment Workshops cover 5 critical business areas to give you a good grounding in what is involved in setting up your own business. These include:

  1. Getting Started: Learning to think like an entrepreneur
  2. Business Idea Generation and Validation: Identify business opportunities
  3. Start Up Essentials: Your legal & tax requirements
  4. Going Digital: Getting your business online
  5. Branding and Marketing: Developing a brand and creating value for customers

Topics are covered over 25 hours, across a 1 to 3 week period (depending on your circumstances). They can be accessed online to ensure eligible candidates can participate no matter where you’re located across QLD, NSW, SA and VIC.

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