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Workforce Australia Employability Skills Training

Become job-ready through pre-Employment training.

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How it works

Sarina Russo Institute helps you develop the skills needed for local jobs. We will help – Get that Job, Keep that Job and Grow in that Job. We will keep you informed on major projects and vacancies in your local region. We use employers in our content design, so our EST is relevant to local needs. Our links to employers and industries provide guest presentations and interviews, creating a pathway to employment.

SRI will support you and prepare you for work through our specialist programs:

  • GET THAT JOB - Training Block 2

The courses run for 3 weeks (full-time requirements) or 5 weeks (part-time requirements).  EST will help you meet your PBAS requirements while you are in the program.

SRI will:

  • LISTEN – to understand your career, life stage and experience
  • REFLECT – and discuss your interests, existing skills and career goals
  • RESPOND – to tailor the program to support you to develop the skills and confidence you need

Can you do EST?

YES! If you are 15 years or over and are:

  • In Workforce Australia Online, Workforce Australia Services with mutual obligations or have compulsory requirements
  • In Transition to Work Services
  • In Disability Employment Services in the employment assistance phase

The programs

Building Employability Skills Training (BEST) - Training Block 1

Training Block 1 will improve your job search and IT skills and build your confidence in the workplace.  You will:

  1. Building Confidence
  2. Engaging with the World of Work: develop team skills and a workplace outlook
  3. Work Environment: understand employer expectations and build employment skills. You will learn digital skills and build a personal brand.
  4. Tools for Jobs: you will improve your job search skills (resume, selection criteria, interview skills) and build a knowledge of employment opportunities.

You will have industry awareness experiences and employer presentations to understand the skills required for local jobs.

Get That Job - Training Block 2

SRI’s Get That Job will take a deeper dive into local industries to develop more industry-specific employability skills.

SRI will offer Generalist and Industry Specialist Courses depending on your interests and local employer needs.  You will have hands-on activities to gain insights into job roles and industries.  To secure “that job” you will:

  1. Understand industry-specific Requirements
  2. Know the Employment Opportunities and how to apply
  3. Understand Employer Expectations through presentations and site visits
  4. Develop skills relevant to local industry
  5. Identify potential job opportunities, tailor your resume, prepare applications and participate in interviews

You may have opportunities to undertake work experience and internships where you have employment opportunities.

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How to Apply

Are you registered with Workforce Australia Online?

  • See the participant dashboard to book online.
  • For assistance contact the Digital Services Contact Centre on 1800 314 677
Are you registered with a Workforce Australia Provider?
  • Speak to your Workforce Australia Provider or contact us on 1300 317 535

Are you registered with Transition to Work (TtW) or Disability Employment Services (DES)?

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