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Been dreaming of running your own business and being your own boss? Self-Employment Assistance training prepares entrepreneurs for the day-to-day realities of business ownership to support your dream and bring it to life.  

Ready to establish your business venture? Let’s make it happen!

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What is Self-Employment Assistance and how can it help me?

Self-Employment Assistance is a government initiative that helps budding entrepreneurs, who meet the program eligibility, get their business idea off the ground.

When you apply through Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs, we help you with the application process, and provide access to ongoing training, support and mentoring as you establish your business.

We provide a range of Small Business Assistance services designed to help you start your entrepreneurial journey and will work with you to select the services that are most suited to your needs.

Small Business Training with Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs


We believe that self-employment and entrepreneurship are truly empowering. Our goal is to help you achieve your true potential while creating lasting employment for yourself and others.

As one of the largest Workforce Australia providers, we’ve helped 16,000+ business owners get with their start up or develop their existing business and would love to help you too.

When you enrol in small business training you will receive:

  • A Business Development Diary to help you clarify your business ideas and objectives before and during your journey.
  • Relevant business training delivered over 3 weeks.
  • Help to develop your business plan and two-year financial forecast.
  • Access to our expert business coaches
  • Access to our Masterclass sessions to further develop your business skills
  • The option to enrol in one or more of the following nationally recognised Skillsets and Qualifications with Sarina Russo Institute (SRI) at no cost
    • Micro Business (Skillset)
    • New Business Ventures (Skillset)
    • Small Business Management (Skillset)
    • Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business (Qualification)

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