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Building futures with Akira Constructions

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Winners holding their plaques
Building futures with Akira Constructions
John Murphy (right) of Akira Constructions with Sheldon Powe-Hobbs receiving awards at the Master Builders Queensland 2023 Housing and Construction Awards

John Murphy from Akira Constructions had always believed in the power of sharing knowledge and nurturing new talent. His ambition to expand his business and contribute to the growth of the community drove him to seek an apprentice through Sarina Russo Apprenticeships.

The initial spark came from a referral by Sharon Vella, a trusted contact at Master Builders Queensland's Cairns local office. Sharon spoke highly of Akira Constructions and believed that connecting with John Murphy could be a transformative move for both the company and aspiring apprentices. John recognised the opportunity to pass on his years of experience and expertise to a young and eager apprentice.

Nathan Dwight, representing Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, facilitated the crucial connection between John and the potential apprentices. Nathan understood the essence of John's expertise in extensions and top-quality renovations and had in-depth conversations to align the perfect apprentice to John's vision. He diligently curated and presented a selection of resumes, each candidate demonstrating potential and passion for the craft.

After careful consideration and discussions, John shortlisted two promising candidates. This is where the process of finding the right apprentice became a collaborative effort. Nathan Dwight provided valuable insights, and together, they conducted thorough interviews to assess the candidates' skills, enthusiasm, and dedication. It was a partnership aimed at securing a bright future for both the company and the apprentices.

In the end, John confidently selected and signed up the apprentices who exhibited not only the required skills but also the determination to excel in the construction industry. He understood the importance of investing in the next generation of skilled workers and acknowledged that by taking on apprentices, he was contributing to the future of the workforce and the sustainability of the construction industry.

The culmination of this dedication and hard work was evident when Akira Constructions was honored at the prestigious Master Builders Queensland Housing & Construction Awards in 2023. John Murphy's team won the Home Renovation Project $200,000 to $400,000 award, a testament to their dedication, precision, and the enduring legacy of investing in the apprentices who represented the future of the industry.

John Murphy continued to inspire and shape the industry, setting a precedent for others to follow in their footsteps, nurturing talent, and securing the future of the construction workforce.

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