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Business idea born from their babies’ needs

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Rami and Dina Haifawi smiling warmly
Business idea born from their babies’ needs

After the birth of their first child, Rami and Dina Haifawi were dissatisfied with the products they received in their hospitals’ welcome pack. Realising they had no desire to put overly manufactured and heavily scented products on their newborn, they went on the hunt for organic and natural products. Struggling to find what they were looking for, Rami and Dina realised that if they couldn’t find it then they would have to make it!

With Dina working as a pharmacist and Rami as a financial controller for a company that exported essential oils – they realised that they had the knowledge to create 100% vegan and organic products for not only their family but potentially to supply quality products for other families as well.  

After researching ingredients and trialling products with their family and friends, the Haifawi’s were looking to fast track their business knowledge and launch their business quickly. After a short Google search they found Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs (SRE) and the Self-Employment Assistance (formerly NEIS) program. Deciding they had nothing to lose by reaching out, they contacted Sarah for an initial conversation. Days later, Rami and Dina officially engaged in our business support services and their business, Earthie Koala, finally started to come to life.

From their first meeting with Sarah, they just felt like they clicked. She gave them good vibes with an easy relaxed professionalism and always had an answer or a way to guide them into what was best for their fledgling business. She had a knack for making them think in a completely different way and gave them plenty of support to continue to build their business knowledge and mindset to ensure their success would last them long after they exited the Self-Employment Assistance program (formerly NEIS).

It was important to Rami and Dina for their products to be backed with science and they spent months researching ingredients and ensuring there was plenty of evidence to back up their claims. It was equally as important for their products to remain 100% organic and vegan and they undergo auditing every twelve months to ensure their products stay at the highest possible quality.

Twelve months later, Rami and Dina have almost completed the program with their last check in with mentor Sarah occurring in the next few days. They heavily encourage anyone with even an inkling of a business idea to contact SRE by saying “just do it and do it now – you don’t know what you don’t know and you have no idea what you could be missing”.

Their future plans include offering worldwide shipping and expanding into the New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States markets while remaining connected to their loyal local Adelaide supporters.

Want help to manage and grow your small business?

Sarina Russo offers accredited small business training that can help turn your business idea into reality. In conjunction with the Self-Employment Assistance program, Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs enables Australians to set up and run their own small business. The Self-Employment Assistance is 100% Australian Government funded.

Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs supports candidates as they complete Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business. During this, candidates create a comprehensive business plan and a two-year financial cash forecast. SRE Trainers provide meaningful mentoring for the first twelve months.

Eligible candidates receive the training and support to create a viable business plan, in addition to obtaining a Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business.

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