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Career Transition Program - Your Way Back into Employment

By SRG Editorial Media Team
Career Transition Program - Your Way Back into Employment

Getting back into the workforce or navigating a career change can be daunting, especially for our older job seekers. You may feel your skills are out of date, too old or that you have lost touch with the industry.

The Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program is your way back into employment. CTA is a government initiative to support over 45s into employment. Our coaches will help you refresh your knowledge, rebuild your skills and relaunch your career.


My name is Ron and I have recently completed the CTA program, and I found it to be extremely informative and innovative and in many ways life-changing. It was so much better than what I expected!

The coaching staff were engaging, knowledgeable and treated every participant with dignity, courtesy and respect which is exactly what we need in times like this. And an added free bonus to the CTA program is that you gain access to the LinkedIn Learning portal, where you are able to complete further courses up to 3 months after you have finished the CTA program. You get to upgrade your professional skills and knowledge and gain certification in each course you successfully complete. This free course will empower you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques you require to achieve your goals both personally and professionally. As I said, it was life-changing for me and it can be for you too! All it takes to achieve your goals is an Open Mind, Resilience and Belief in Yourself and you will be a part of a supportive community and a coach who can help you reach your employment goals.

Just like so many others who have graduated from the Career Transition Assistance program, I feel more confident and certain about my future career prospects.

For more information about the Career Transition Program, click here.

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