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Cooking up success

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Tameeka Casey, SRA Apprentice with Meaghan Thompson from Sarina Beach Hotel
Cooking up success
Cooking up success

Sarina Russo Apprenticeships (SRA), in collaboration with the Australian Government through the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) program, offers aspiring chefs the perfect platform to transform their love for cooking into a promising profession.

One such aspiring chef is Tameeka Casey, who initially began her culinary journey as a casual kitchen hand last year. Her love for the culinary arts grew so much that she decided to take the leap and pursue her dream of becoming a chef. Embracing the opportunity to learn and grow, Tameeka embarked on the path of becoming a School-Based Apprentice, undertaking the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

One of the remarkable aspects of Tameeka's apprenticeship is the flexibility offered in her training arrangement. Through a blend of on-the-job experiences and online training, she gains a holistic understanding of the culinary world. This dynamic approach ensures that she not only refines her skills in the kitchen but also stays updated with the latest trends and practices in the industry.

Tameeka's journey into the culinary world was further enriched by the invaluable guidance and support provided by SRA's Industry Consultant, Danielle Raisbeck. Danielle played a pivotal role in aligning Tameeka's aspirations with the perfect apprenticeship opportunity, ensuring that her career trajectory in the kitchen was smooth and purposeful.

The partnership between providers and the Australian Government's AASN program underscores the commitment to nurturing, supporting and skilling future workforce. This collaboration empowers young individuals like Tameeka to hone their craft, receive guidance, and step confidently into the world of commercial cookery.

If you or someone you know is ready to embark on a fulfilling apprenticeship journey, we encourage you to reach out to Sarina Russo Apprenticeships. Our commitment to connecting individuals with their desired career paths ensures that dreams, just like Tameeka's, can flourish and leave a lasting impact on the community.

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