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For Peter, the CTA program was a cut above the rest

By SRG Editorial Media Team
For Peter, the CTA program was a cut above the rest

Peter had found himself unemployed from his upper management role in January 2020. Being in his early 60s, he had planned to use the next 12 months to travel… but the world had other plans.  


Stuck in the middle of a pandemic, months into another Victorian lockdown and quickly losing the drive to continue looking for work, Peter spoke to his Sarina Russo Workforce Australia Employment Consultant Sharon about courses he could do to jumpstart his brain and re-build his skills. Sharon immediately knew the eight-week Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program, engineered specifically for the mature-aged workforce, would be perfect for Peter and encouraged him to reach out to CTA Coach Jo Esposito for more information. 


A quick chat with Jo flowed into a 45-minute conversation and Peter was sold - he started the CTA program the following week. Jo worked with him to update his CV and cover letter, but what Peter found far more useful was the way she overhauled his mindset and attitude over the eight weeks. The confidence Jo was able to instill in Peter and the self-belief she nurtured in him was priceless. Peter found himself in awe of Jo’s ability to engage and teach all the program’s participants being a wide cross-section of mature-aged people with a range of learning styles and backgrounds.


Peter credits the CTA program as providing him with the attitude readjustment he had been seeking and says participating in the program has been one of his greatest investments. He was overjoyed by the community he formed with the other participants and the sense of stability and discipline he found within himself. Peter was surprised to find himself feeling sad when the program ended. Happily though, the support from his coach has continued. He and Jo still speak every few weeks and knowing that Jo genuinely cares about him, his career and his general wellbeing is one of the reasons why he believes the CTA program is so valuable.  


Peter continues to search for his next role and is hopeful that employment will come to fruition soon. He believes that doing the CTA program was the best shot he could give himself to re-engage in the workforce. Good luck for the future, Peter.

For more information about the Career Transition Program, click here.

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