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From casual worker to owner

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
From casual worker to owner
Brooke Woldvogal, SRA Apprentice

Brooke Waldvogal's journey with Sarina Russo Apprenticeships (SRA) began when she joined as a casual worker. Little did she know that this seemingly ordinary start would eventually lead her to an extraordinary destination – business ownership. The catalyst for this journey was a conversation between ACME, a friend of Carol, an SRA Industry Consultant, and an acquaintance at a BBQ. During this casual chat, the acquaintance shared information about the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencement (BAC) program, catching ACME's attention.

The conversation led to Brooke's transition from a casual role to a part-time position. Despite the absence of vacancies in picture framing, Brooke found herself contributing to the business by assisting with paperwork. This unexpected turn of events set the stage for a remarkable transformation.

In a twist of fate, Brooke completed her Certificate III in Business in November, marking not just the end of her educational journey but the beginning of a new chapter as a business owner.

When Carol congratulated her on her certification achievement, Brooke revealed her bold decision to purchase the business. Her time as an apprentice not only equipped her with the necessary skills but also instilled the confidence needed to take the next step. By choosing to invest in the business she had grown to know so well, Brooke exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit that Sarina Russo Apprenticeships aims to foster.

Brooke's story is a testament to the opportunities and transformations that can arise through apprenticeship programs. Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, through its commitment to education and skill development, has played a pivotal role in Brooke's success story.

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