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Navigating the apprenticeship route

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Apprentices with Sarina Russo Apprenticeship staff smiling warmly outside the Regand Park Early Childhood Education Centre
Navigating the apprenticeship route
SRA Apprentices Kaneesha Neyland (left) and Laura Thomas (centre) with Matt Stonestreet (right) SRA Industry Consultant

In the pursuit of a fulfilling career, many individuals often find themselves at a crossroads, unsure of the best path to follow. For Kaneesha Neyland and Laura Thomas, their journey towards becoming early childhood educators was not only filled with passion but also guided by the wise choice of apprenticeships. Today, we celebrate their success as they work towards their Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, respectively, at the Regand Park Early Childhood Education Centre, with the invaluable assistance of Sarina Russo Apprenticeships Industry Consultant, Matt Stonestreet.

Kaneesha and Laura's story is a testament to the opportunities that apprenticeships can provide. Many individuals, like them, have a strong desire to enter a specific career but often lack the necessary experience. Apprenticeships offer a practical solution, bridging the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world application. It stands as a vital gateway to professional success. The apprenticeships program offer a holistic approach to career development through practical experience, enabling apprentices like Kaneesha and Laura to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings. Furthermore, mentorship from seasoned professionals shapes their skillsets and encourages growth, while the unique feature of earning a wage while learning provides financial stability and motivation. The culmination of an apprenticeship is marked by the acquisition of valuable qualifications, highly regarded by employers within the respective industry.

Kaneesha and Laura's journey would not have been the same without the support and guidance from Sarina Russo Apprenticeships (SRA). SRA played a pivotal role in matching these budding early childhood educators with opportunities that aligned with their dreams. SRA's commitment to helping individuals achieve their career goals is a testament to the positive influence of apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships, with the right guidance and dedication, can open doors to endless possibilities. Whether you are an aspiring early childhood educator or interested in any other profession, consider apprenticeships as a viable option to get your dream career on track.

As we celebrate Kaneesha and Laura on their apprenticeship journey, we encourage others to explore the countless opportunities available in the world of apprenticeships. With the right support, commitment, and enthusiasm, you too can unlock the doors to a bright and fulfilling future.

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