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Partnering for progress

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Tony, Vasilia and Gary smiling
Partnering for progress
From left, Tony Todaro, Manager at Sheen Panel Service; Vasilia Grillas-Kyriacopoulos, SRA Apprentice; and Gary Reyment, Industry Consultant at Sarina Russo Apprenticeships

The unwavering support of industry partners such as Sheen Panel Service is invaluable to Australian Apprenticeships Service Network (AASN) providers like Sarina Russo Apprenticeships. We acknowledge with great pride and admiration, Sheen Panel Service’s unwavering commitment to the apprenticeships program, alongside their instrumental role in helping talented individuals like Vasilia Grillas-Kyriacopoulos as she progresses towards her dream of becoming an auto refinisher.

Vasilia’s journey with Sheen Panel Services at Malvern is proof of the value of mentorship and collaboration. Under their guidance, she has not only developed her technical skills, but has learned the values of innovation, professionalism, and excellence – values that define the automotive industry.

Every accomplishment as she progresses through her apprenticeship is proof of the beneficial partnership between employer and apprentice. Through Sheen’s commitment to the program, Vasilia has been provided with access to resources and support necessary for her to success in her chosen field.

Sarina Russo Apprenticeships is proud of Vasilia’s progress thus far and we wish to extend our gratitude for Sheen Panel Service’s ongoing support of our apprenticeships program. Together, we celebrate Vasilia’s journey and look forward to a bright future as she continues to shine on her path to becoming an auto refinisher.

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