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Sarina Russo Apprenticeships and NECA Training and Apprenticeships ACT

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Sarina Russo Apprenticeships and NECA Training and Apprenticeships ACT
From left to right, Mick Apps, NECA Apprenticeships Manager with apprentices Regan Cartledge, Ryan McKenzie and Benedict Marr

Apprenticeships play a pivotal role in shaping the future by providing a bridge between education and practical skills. NECA (National Electrical and Communications Association)Training and Apprenticeships ACT, in collaboration with Sarina Russo Apprenticeships (SRA), stands at the forefront of this movement, actively seeking enthusiastic apprentices to join their ranks and contribute to the growth of the electrical industry in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Apprenticeships have long been recognised as a cornerstone of workforce development, offering individuals the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while acquiring essential skills in their chosen field. NECA understands the significance of nurturing the next generation of skilled workers and is committed to providing a supportive environment for apprentices to thrive.

Apprentices Regan Cartledge, Ryan McKenzie, and Benedict Marr, each brimming with enthusiasm and dedication, stand side by side, symbolising the diverse talent fostered by these programs. Positioned alongside them is NECA Manager, Mick Apps, a visionary leader who recognises the potential within each apprentice and has provided them with the opportunity to excel in the dynamic field of electrical work.

By actively seeking apprentices, NECA are investing not only in the individual growth of each apprentice but also in the future of the workforce, ensuring a skilled and capable pool of professionals.

The partnership between NECA Training and Apprenticeships ACT and Sarina Russo Apprenticeships is a testament to the commitment to creating a robust workforce for the future. NECA actively engages with SRA to identify and recruit talented individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in the electrical industry.

As the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise, NECA and SRA stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for aspiring apprentices and fostering a workforce that is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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