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The green thumb gathering

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Participants doing some gardening
The green thumb gathering

The Green Thumb Gathering - Gardening at Russo event held last week was a resounding success, focusing on empowering parents to explore the world of gardening alongside their children. The event showcased the numerous benefits of gardening and highlighted the financial and health advantages of growing one's own produce.

Attendees, including both parents and children, actively participated in various gardening activities throughout the workshop. They had the opportunity to get their hands dirty by planting vegetables, learn essential plant care techniques, and discover a wide array of plant varieties and growing methods, including starting from seeds.

Nathan Newport, SRJA Employment Consultant, deserves a special recognition for his outstanding efforts in organising this event. He not only curated a wealth of gardening knowledge but also generously donated plants, seeds, pots, and other essential equipment to facilitate the hands-on experience. The contributions from Kerri Harnell, SRJA Employment Consultant, also played a crucial role in making the event a success.

The event received heart-warming feedback from parents who participated. Monika expressed her gratitude, stating, 'Thank you so much for the opportunity to join the gardening event today. We had a lovely time', and Liliana had an awesome, fulfilling experience. Sarah was equally enthusiastic, remarking, 'I loved meeting new people, and learning about gardening was both motivational and inspirational. My daughter, Lilie, enjoyed the cake and exploring different plants. Greyson's favourite part of the morning was planting his very own plant.'

Overall, the Green Thumb Gathering - Gardening at Russo event fostered a sense of community, knowledge sharing, and a deeper connection to the natural world, leaving participants inspired and excited about their gardening journeys.

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