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The influence of Training Organisations in apprenticeships

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
The influence of Training Organisations in apprenticeships
Molly Jane Innaimo (centre) with her mum, Lisa Innaimo and General Manager of Eifer Pty Ltd, Kevin Baulch

Training Organisations play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of skilled professionals. These institutions act as catalysts, guiding individuals to discover their passions, refine their talents, and find their way towards rewarding career paths.

Molly Jane Innaimo began her apprenticeship through ATC, a Group Training Organisation, where she enrolled in a Certificate II in Construction Pathways course in January of this year. While on the course, Molly is on a 12-week rotational schedule, gaining experience in various building industries. During one of her rotations, which focused on carpentry, she discovered a genuine interest in this field. As a result, her host employer, Eifer Pty Ltd, has offered Molly a direct placement in an Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) Certificate III in Carpentry.

Presently in Year 10, Molly intends to leave school at the end of 2023 and pursue a full-time career with Eifer Pty Ltd in the carpentry domain.

For many individuals, finding the right career path can be a daunting task. Training Organisations such as ATC act as valuable guides, assisting apprentices in exploring various industries and professions. Through career counseling and exposure to different apprenticeship opportunities, individuals can gain insights into diverse fields, helping them make informed decisions about their future.

One of the most significant advantages of Training Organisations is that they offer a safe space for apprentices to explore their interests and passions. Through hands-on experiences and exposure to different trades, individuals can discover hidden talents and strengths they might not have known existed. This process of self-discovery is vital in helping individuals align their interests with the right career path.

Through their unwavering dedication to fostering skill development, guiding career exploration, and encouraging self-discovery, Training Organisations play a transformative role in the lives of aspiring apprentices.

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