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The role of employers in supporting skilled trades

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
The role of employers in supporting skilled trades
Zachary Wilson and Taleah Ross

As the world evolves with technological advancements and shifting industries, the demand for skilled trades remains unwavering. If you're an employer looking to make a difference while investing in your company's growth, supporting skilled trades through apprenticeships is a powerful strategy. 

SRA apprentices, Zachary Wilson and Taleah Ross, have recently been enlisted by the AUDI Centre in Townsville. Zachary's focus will be on specializing in AUDI, while Taleah will specialise in Porsche. Both apprentices have begun their specialised training and are well on their path to achieving remarkable accomplishments.

Richard and his team at AUDI Centre Townsville hold a fervent dedication towards skilled tradespeople, ardently supporting the upcoming generation of tradespeople within their impressive establishment. This offers a chance for these apprentices to collaborate with exceptionally skilled tradespeople who boast extensive industry experience, facilitating the acquisition of invaluable skills for the times ahead.

By offering apprenticeships to Taleah and Zachary, the AUDI Centre is not only shaping the future of their industry but also actively participating is the growth and development of these apprentices, thus contributing to a sustainable pipeline of skilled workers who will eventually contribute to your industry's success.

Overall, supporting skilled trades as an employer through apprenticeships is a win-win strategy that benefits the business and the community at large. As an employer, its commitment to apprenticeships ensures a brighter future for both your business and the skilled trades that underpin our society.

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