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Youth Mental Health Day #StrideForward

By Sarina Russo Editorial Team
Youth Mental Health Day Sarina Russo
Youth Mental Health Day #StrideForward

Young people are among the worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The social and economic impact on young people have been significant. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare recently noted that young Australians have experienced high rates of psychological distress, loneliness, educational disruption, unemployment, housing stress and domestic violence. ¹ 

That’s why this year’s Youth Mental Health Day (YMHD) is more important than ever. YMHD encourages young adults to have open discussions about their mental health and listen to their peers with compassion and understating. 

This year’s YMHD theme is #StrideForward. Stem4, the charity that founded this day, is urging all young adults to come together, and share how they will #StrideForward to work towards good mental health.  

VOICE Operations Manager and Senior Psychologist Simon Mamone says, “Youth mental health and wellbeing remains a key focus as the impacts of the pandemic take a toll. But while the impacts of the pandemic remain high, there are some positives, as lived experiences have offset some of the unknowns from the start of the pandemic, making it more important to share these experiences through conversations for better mental health.” 

The Sarina Russo Group is encouraging all young adults to sit down and reflect on their past year. How has the pandemic affected you? What goals can you set to #StrideForward? Once you have answered both questions, we encourage you to write it down and if you’re comfortable, share it on social media and spread the word.   

An example of a #StrideForward status: “I spent the majority of last year in my bedroom. I am going to #StrideFoward by going for walks every day. Being outdoors and getting fresh air makes me happy”.  

Support Your Wellbeing

Job Seekers 

If you’re a job seeker with Sarina Russo Job Access and would like to access counselling services, our Allied Health Professionals at VOICE can support you.  

To access VOICE services, simply talk to a Sarina Russo Consultant and request a referral. VOICE is a free service to Sarina Russo Job Access job seekers. 


If you’re a JCU Brisbane or Sarina Russo Institute student and would like support, our Wellbeing Support Team is offering coaching and counselling services both online and in-person. This service is free to JCU Brisbane Sarina Russo Institute students. Your concerns do not have to be study-related, and they do not have to be major. 

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[1] COVID-19 and the impact on young people, Retrieved on 17 August, 2021, from  

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