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Staff recruitment and turnover are costly exercises, which is why it pays to get the best fit for the job the first time round. We offer a range of services to screen and evaluate candidates for effective, cost-efficient results.

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Supporting the physical and mental health of your people


Once you have the right people in your organisation, it’s important to provide the support they need to retain them. Sometimes this involves helping them through physical or mental health challenges or it may involve a focused effort to build resilience, teamwork and communication skills.

Our VOICE consultants are experts in providing corporate health and education training so you have the tools you need to support your people. We have a range of professional seminars and workshops for information guidance organisations and individuals need to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Course material and training can be tailored to your specific needs and cover subjects such as those outlined below.


VOICE provides training programs to help organisations and teams better understand mental health disorders and symptoms. Our aim is to enable organisations to foster a safe work climate for employees who may experience mental health issues, as well as to improve client or customer services.


We deliver a practical and effective stress management program designed to promote overall wellbeing. Employers and employees are provided with the tools and guidance to recognise, prevent and reduce workplace stress.


Pain has a big impact on an individual’s working capacity, whether it’s short-term or long-term. It might:

  • Impact the type of work someone can do
  • Prevent an employee from returning to an old job
  • Stop an individual from starting a new job
  • Affect the hours a person can work
  • Stop them from working at all

This program is designed for people who are experiencing ongoing, or chronic, pain and uses information and strategies based on research found effective for helping people to better manage their pain.

For more information about training and education relevant to your organisation, please contact our VOICE consultants today.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

"I don't deserve this”, "I'm not enough", "I just got lucky" are common thoughts people with imposter syndrome have. Imposter syndrome is when a person thinks they are not worthy, nor deserving of their achievements. They often feel self-doubt, that they’re incompetent or that they’re a fraud.

Avoid Burnout and Have a Good Work-life Balance
Resisting hustle culture and prioritising your mental health is vital. When everything is done and dusted, no one is going to remember your late-night work cram sessions or your working overtime 24/7. They will remember the memories they made with you and the person you were outside of work.
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